Syncing Calendars between an Executive Assistant and a CEO

Primary Actor: 

Alex—Acme Corporation Executive Assistant.

Secondary Actor:

Acme Corporation CEO


Alex is an executive assistant of the Acme Corporation. The Acme Corporation CEO is known to have a dynamic schedule. Their schedule changes at a moment’s notice, which means the executive assistant needs to make changes on-the-fly even though they may not be at their desk or even at work.

However, Alex lacks the IT knowledge to effectively implement solution that would allow them to manage their CEO’s calendar in real-time.


Alex finds CiraHub, which is a two-way sync solution for contacts and calendars that is ideal for organizations running Office 365 and Microsoft Exchange.

To begin Alex creates a hub with the CEO’s calendar as a spoke. Since Alex does not have the CEO’s Office 365 credentials, the hub sends an invitation automatically to the CEO.

Another spoke is added as an empty calendar subfolder in Alex’s mailbox, so the CEO’s calendar won’t be mixed with Alex’s personal calendar.

After the invitation is accepted, Alex configures the CEO’s spoke and enables two-way sync. Because the CEO’s calendar has thousands of events, Alex filters the calendar to see 12 months forward and 1 month in the past.

CiraHub then allows Alex to centrally manage the CEO’s calendar in Outlook and on a smartphone. Alex can now add, delete, and edit appointments.