Two-Way Global Address List Sync

Easily Two-Way Sync The Microsoft 365 Global Address List With Other GALs, Data Sources, and CRMs.
Global Address List sync

Two-Way Sync Your GAL Contacts


Synchronization of contacts several times a day

Auto Sync

Avoids manual synchronization of contacts, email addresses, and caller ID photos

Eliminate Errors

Eliminates errors related to manual sync processes

Merge Two GALs

Allows organizations to merge two separate Global Address Lists faster and more efficiently

Syncing or merging two Global Address Lists historically has been expensive, labor intensive, and error prone. Luckily, it doesn’t have be that way.

CiraHub makes these problems a thing of the past as the first of its kind Multi-Way sync tool. CiraHub allows a single admin to merge, edit, and sync multiple Global Address Lists. Gone are the days of 200 page operating manuals – CiraHub can be up and running in under an hour. Connect your two Global Address Lists, enable the sync, and its done.

The Need for GAL-to-GAL Sync

The need for GAL-to-GAL sync arises typically when a company undergoes a merger, acquisition, or migration. Companies that have undergone a merger for example will need to synchronize contacts of employees and vendors between both organizations during their transitional period.

Data from both tenants will likely become necessary for continued operations – especially if redundant departments are being closed – and as such it becomes critical to have all company data present on both Global Address Lists. This facilitates a need to keep both company GALs in sync.

Without a GAL sync solution, employees will spend unnecessary time searching for current contact information, miss critical business calls, and be forced to make manual updates regularly. Since Microsoft 365 subscriptions do not offer a method to sync two GAL’s together, this typically results in a loss of productivity and revenue.

One-way GAL Sync vs. Two-way GAL Sync

A one-way GAL sync solution delivers GAL contacts omni-directionally to a recipient folder without changing the original GAL. On the other hand, a two-way solution allows organizations to sync contacts between multiple Global Address lists, this in turn means that changes made to one GAL are reflected to any connected GAL – in essence you can merge two lists together in a few keystrokes.

GAL-to-GAL Sync using CiraHub

To perform a GAL-to-GAL sync using CiraHub, each organization will need to supply an Microsoft 365 Global Admin Account. Users will also need to create a dedicated service account for CiraHub. This account enables users to independently grant and limit access to certain Microsoft 365 tenant accounts.

On the CiraHub dashboard, a user first starts up a Hub and Spoke set-up process that allows the user to create a Hub and attach individual contact “Spokes” for each organization under separate tenants using each company’s GAL admin account.
The process requires either credential-based or certificate-based authentication. With CiraHub, organizations will automatically sync GAL-to-GAL contacts every few hours throughout the day, allowing employees to save time and be more productive.

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