GAL to GAL Sync that Just Works

Sync your Global Address Lists across multiple Exchange or Microsoft 365 tenants in just a few clicks

Dreading the Propsect of Copy and Pasting Data from One GAL to Another?
CiraHub’s Got You Covered.

For organizations working through mergers, acquisitions, or managing subsidiaries, syncing GALs can be a real nightmare. CiraHub makes GAL to GAL sync a breeze, so you can focus on what really matters – collaborating with your team.

CiraHub keeps your GALs in sync, so you can work as one team, even across multiple organizations. By consolidating GALs, users from any organization can access the information in all others.

Your GAL Contacts, Precisely Managed and Synchronized

No more duplicate contacts and conflicting info. CiraHub harmonizes data between GALs with intelligent field mapping to keep everything accurate. It finds and merges clones so your data stays organized.

Lightning-fast Updates, Even for Massive GALs

CiraHub syncs large GALs faster and more accurately than other solutions, at scale.

Connects With All Your Favorite Tools

Connect your GALs to your CRM, SharePoint, Google, and more. No more information falling through the cracks. Just seamless syncing that keeps everyone and everything connected.

See GAL to GAL Sync in Action

CiraHub’s GAL Sync Features

Harmonize GAL Data and Avoid Duplicates

Advanced field mapping for consistency across the board. Duplicate detection and merging for a tidy, unified GAL

Real-Time Synchronization

Changes made in one organization's GAL instantly shows up everywhere else. No more manual updates or inconsistencies.

No Complex Setups

With CiraHub's Hub & Spoke model, syncing your GALs is a snap. The Hub keeps data flowing smoothly between sources. No more silos.

Sync your GALs in four easy steps:

  • Connect CiraHub to your organization's contact repository
  • Add the GALs you want to sync
  • Set up your sync preferences, including sync frequency and data fields to be synced
  • Click "Sync Now" and let CiraHub work its magic

Stay on Top of Your Sync

Complete visibility into your GAL sync health. Spot and fix sync issues fast, before they turn into major headaches.

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Why CiraHub
For GAL-to-GAL Sync?

Scales as You Do

CiraHub isn’t just another GAL sync solution. It’s designed to manage large volumes of data, ensuring all your GALs remain unified as your organization scales and grows.

Security and Compliance

CiraHub leverages stringent data security protocols, ensuring that your information is always protected. With global industry compliance, it is suited to the most security-critical enterprise environments.

Transparent, Flexible Pricing

Our pricing models cater to the diverse needs of large-scale IT projects. Choose a plan that fits your technical requirements and offers cost-effective solutions for extensive operations.

Stay Informed with Our Technical Resources

Ready to Start Syncing Your GALs? Explore our Support Page.
Find a Wealth of Resources Tailored for IT Professionals.

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Frequently asked questions

Calendar to Calendar and back? Done. GAL to GAL? No Problem. Public Folder contacts to Salesforce, with Salesforce contacts back to the folder? ay no more.

What is GAL to GAL Synchronization and how does CiraHub facilitate this?

Two-way GAL synchronization ensures that two or more GALs—typically from different tenants—consistently maintains the same set of information. By syncing multiple GALs together with CiraHub, users from any tenant gain access to contact information in all other tenants, email addresses, titles, phone numbers, and more.

What pricing models does CiraHub offer?

We offer flexible monthly and annual pricing options for small teams, growing businesses, and large enterprises. For more information, please check out our pricing page.

What kind of support and resources does CiraHub offer users?

Our technical support team is available around the clock to assist with any queries or issues. You can also explore CiraHub’s support page, which offers a wealth of resources tailored for IT professionals managing advanced synchronization challenges.

Can CiraHub integrate with platforms other than GALs?

Absolutely! CiraHub can sync multiple GALs as well as other platforms, such as CRMs, SharePoint, Google Contacts, and more. 

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