• Automatically sync 25,000+ shared contacts and calendars in Microsoft 365, on-Premise Exchange servers, and Public Folders.
  • Sync contacts between multiple organizations with GAL-to-GAL Sync.
  • Two-way sync which allows for contact and calendar management on smartphones.
  • Native CRM integration. (i.e. Salesforce and Active Campaign).
Upcoming Features

In future updates, CiraHub will integrate with the following applications:

    • SharePoint and Dynamics CRM
    • Other applications outside the Microsoft ecosystem
    • CRMs such as Zoho
Technical Specifications
  • A mailbox in Microsoft 365 or on-Premise Exchange.
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    • CiraSync Public Folders Microsoft 365—Available in the Apple App and Google Play Stores, CiraSync Public Folders Microsoft 365 is a mobile app that allows users to view and edit the Public Folders associated with their Microsoft 365 tenant.
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CiraHub Data Sheet

CiraHub is a one, two, and multi-way platform that syncs shared contacts, calendars, public folder contents and CRM’s for organizations running Microsoft 365, Exchange Server, Google, and other Enterprise Applications.

CiraHub saves organizations valuable time and money by eliminating the busy work of keeping contacts and calendars in sync between diverse applications.

This product currently supports Salesforce, Hubspot, and ActiveCampaign; future updates will support other organizations using calendar and contact management software outside the Microsoft ecosystem.


IT departments greatly benefit from CiraHub. Its intuitive design makes it easy to use and manage for employees without IT knowledge or experience. Placing the responsibility of managing company contacts and calendars in the hands of non-IT experts allows for IT personnel to focus their attention on other high priority projects.

CiraHub jump-starts employee productivity by making multiple contacts or calendar accessible and manageable in the office or on the go. This is useful for the following personnel and more:

    • Executive Assistants can manage their CEO’s address book and calendars.
    • Employees can effectively collaborate with their colleagues in different departments or organizations by allowing them to consolidate and share contacts and calendars to use as a single resource
    • Sales and Marketing Pros can preform multi-way syncs between CRM systems, Google, Outlook, and Microsoft 365
    • IT Administrators can sync the Global Address Lists of multiple Microsoft 365 tenants

How Does It Work?

The functionality of CiraHub can be conceptually described as a platform that syncs contact and calendars utilizing a Hub-and-Spoke architecture.

Spokes are data end points that represent a user mailbox, a specific folder, a public folder, or a CRM. The data end points are connected to a central data repository called the Hub. When a user makes edits to the data in a Spoke, the Hub will process these changes as requests and sync them to the other Spokes.


    • Utilizes the Azure Consent Security Model
    • Utilizes the Azure Security Key Vault in situations Azure Consent is not possible
    • Supports multi-factor authentication

For more on the security measures Cira Apps Ltd. takes to ensure the safety of our user’s data, check out Security at CiraHub.