Syncing Calendars between Colleagues

Primary Actor:

Riley—A Project Manager of RDA Construction.

Secondary Actor:

Construction Management Project Team


A team from RDA Construction is assigned to manage major renovations for the main office of a billion-dollar tech company. This project requires extensive collaboration with the client staff.

To be able to deliver high-quality work on time, the RDA Construction team needs to set deadlines and project benchmarks and schedule critical meetings amongst themselves and others at a moment’s notice.


Riley, the Project Manager, finds CiraHub, which is a two-way sync solution for contacts and calendars that is easy to deploy, use, and manage. Riley creates a calendar spoke in CiraHub. CiraHub sends an email invitation to Riley’s team to participate in the hub. After accepting the invitation, Riley finishes the spoke setup and enables two-way sync.

Because the Hub allows for more than two spokes, additional mailboxes can also participate in Hub updates.

With CiraHub completely setup, Riley and her team can centrally manage their calendars in Outlook and on their smartphones. This allows the team to view and schedule critical team meetings and project milestones.