Syncing Gmail Contacts and Calendars to an Outlook Mailbox

Primary Actor:

Brian—Owner and operator of a multi-city commercial painting company 


Brian is the owner and operator of Allen’s Painting company – a large scale commercial painting company which operates in a number of cities. Due to the variety of clientele, along with the methods used for recruiting new business, Brian operates on a number of different platforms simultaneously.  

New business, meeting requests, work site schedules and more, are all housed between his companies Global Address List, Outlook Calendar, Gmail calendar, and his Gmail address book. While exporting these items is an option, Brian has found the task tedious, error prone, and often inaccurate. 


After doing some internet sleuthing, Brian found CiraHub as a potential solution for data woes. CiraHub is able to consolidate numerous data sources from multiple platforms so that the information remains consistent across devices and software. 

First Brian created a hub and several spokes; the first he attached to an outlook Mailbox which housed his company contacts. From there he created another Hub and spoke which attached to his Gsuite Contact List. Finally, he created another spoke and hub which attached to his Gmail Calendar and Outlook Calendar – allowing all the items to stay in constant sync. 

With this configuration, Brians contacts and calendars are synced across all his platforms; when a new meeting request is sent to his Gmail account, it is reflected in his Outlook calendar, and visa versa. The same is true for contacts stored in his google address book, they are automatically added and synced continuously with his companies Global Address List. 

What’s more, due to the configuration of the Hub, Brian is able to add any other number of users, who may then at his discretion view and edit his calendars. This is the perfect solution should he choose to bring on an assistant in the future.