Syncing Contacts between an Executive Assistant and a CEO

Primary Actor:

Alex—Acme Corporation Executive Assistant.

Secondary Actor:

Acme Corporation CEO


The CEO needs up-to-date employee, client, and supplier information at all times. Alex is the executive assistant for Acme Corporation’s CEO and is responsible for managing this information.

Alex is frequently out of the office, which is when she needs to add, delete, or edit contact information. However, she does not have the IT knowledge or experience to implement a solution that would allow updating information directly from a smartphone or tablet.


Alex then discovers that CiraHub is a solution that can be used to do a two-way sync of contact folders. Alex configures the contact hub to use a subfolder under her main contacts folder, so the CEO’s address book won’t get mixed with Alex’s personal contacts. She adds the CEO as a spoke and configures their address book as a two-way sync to her mailbox.

CiraHub now allows Alex to manage the CEO’s address book in Outlook and on her smartphone. Alex can add, delete, and edit contacts to the address book on the CEO’s behalf!