Syncing Two Global Address Lists Together

Primary Actor:

Jill —Head of I.T at Acme Corporation


Relations between the Acme Corporation and Weyland Inc. Have become increasingly intertwined, as such the Acme Corporation has decided to acquire Weyland Inc and while keeping the two enterprises as separate entities. The newly merged IT department will handle the task of syncing the two Global Address Lists together, while eliminating duplicates; as an added complication, both lists will need to stay in sync to ensure employees of both enterprises have accurate contacts. 

This campaign requires that both companies have access to view and edit their Global Address List contacts on desktops while keeping both lists simultaneously accurate and up-to-date. 


Jill, the head of I.T at Acme Corporation, recognizes the effort required for a manual sync of these two lists is near impossible. After conducting research, she finds out that CiraHub has the ability to keep two Global Address Lists in sync. 

Jill sets up a Hub for the Acme Corporation – linking to the first companies’ GALShe creates a hub and spoke for the second company and sends an invite. She configures the hub to read contact information from both companies Global Address Lists and sets the spokes to push information back out to each GAL. 

Using CiraHub allows the Acme Corporation to consolidate their Global Address List contacts between both companies. Employees of either department can view the combined customer contact database at their desk. When an update is made in one database, it is reflected in the other; likewise, if there were any duplicates between the two databases, the contact information is merged and the issue is avoided. As long as the hub remains active, any changes to one database is reflected in the other.