Syncing Salesforce CRM Contacts

Primary Actor:

Adrian—Sales and Marketing Director at Acme Corporation

Secondary Actor:

Jordan—Sales and Marketing Director at Weyland Inc.


The Acme Corporation and Weyland Inc. have recently partnered. Their respective software applications will update to introduce integration with each other. The Acme and Weyland sales and marketing departments will launch a marketing campaign promoting their partnership and product integration.

This marketing campaign requires that both companies have access to view and edit their Salesforce contacts on desktops and smartphones.


Adrian, the Sales and Marketing Director at Acme Corporation, wonders if the software the Acme Corporation’s executive assistant using to sync contacts and calendars will also integrate with Salesforce. After conducting research, he finds out that CiraHub has a native connector to Salesforce.

Adrian sets up CiraHub for their department. He creates a hub and spoke using the department’s shared mailbox. After setting up a hub for the Acme Sales Department, he needs to add the Weyland Sales Department as a spoke. CiraHub sends an email invitation to Weyland Inc’s shared mailbox to participate in the contact and calendar hubs. Jordan, the Sales and Marketing Director at Weyland Inc, accepts the invitation. Adrian completes the setup and enables two-way sync for their spokes.

Using CiraHub allows the Acme Corporation and Weyland Inc Sales Department to consolidate their Salesforce contacts into a subfolder in Outlook. Employees of either department can view and edit the combined customer contact database at their desk or on their phones. When the partnership comes to an end, both companies can easily revoke access to their Salesforce contacts by deleting their hub and spoke.