Syncing Contacts between Colleagues

Primary Actor:

Riley—A Project Manager of RDA Construction.

Secondary Actor:

Construction Management Project Team


A team from RDA Construction is assigned to manage major renovations for the main office of a billion-dollar tech company. This project requires extensive collaboration from RDA and client staff.

Construction management requires extensive communication internally and externally. Being able to view and manage contacts is important. This is especially true in a fast-paced industry where constant contact with team members, clients, contractors, and government employees is a necessity for work to move forward. To be able to successfully deliver high-quality work on time, the RDA Construction team needs to be able to manage their contacts anytime and anywhere.

Riley has the contact information her team needs in a Public Folder in her mailbox. However, she needs a way to share this folder with her team and allow them to edit it in real-time.


Riley, the Project Manager, is already using CiraHub to sync a team calendar. With some research, she finds out that CiraHub also syncs contacts. Riley creates a contact hub. Then, CiraHub sends an email invitation to Riley’s team to participate in the hub. After accepting the invitation, Riley finishes the spoke setup for their team and enables two-way sync.

With CiraHub completely setup, Riley and their team can centrally manage their contact lists and calendars in Outlook and on smartphones. The team can add, delete, and edit contacts in their address books. This allows them to manage contacts of personnel involved with the project. The team is also confident that they can reach whomever they need to at a moment’s notice.