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Setting up SharePoint

How to Set Up SharePoint for Your Organization

Due to its intuitive and user-friendly interface, getting SharePoint set up is easy for anyone to do, regardless of IT proficiency. Users can go through the following steps from Microsoft to get it set up for their organization: 

Creating a site  

  • Select + Create a site on the SharePoint start page
  • In the wizard, select whether you’d like to create a Team site or a Communication Site
  • Enter the name (and a description, if you want) for the site
  • You can select Edit and then edit the group email address or site address if you want

Note: The only symbols allowed in the site address are underscores, dashes, single quotes, and periods, and can’t start or end with a period.  

  • Choose a sensitivity level for your site information
  • Select whether the group will be public or private (if creating a Team site)
  • Select a default language for your site and then click Next
  • In the next pane, enter the owners and members
  • Select Finish 

A modern SharePoint site is created and ready for use in seconds. If you selected a team site, a Microsoft 365 group is also created.  

Adding a list or document library  

  • Open the site that you want to add to the list or library
  • Select New
  • Select List or Document library
  • In the Create pane
  • Type a name for the list or library (and a description, if you want)
  • Select Create

Use filters to modify what you see

  • Go to a list or library that you want to filter
  • Select Open the filters pane
  • Select how you want to filter your list or library from the options available

The following are some of Microsoft’s best practices for setting up SharePoint Home Sites: 

Setting up Contact and Calendar Sharing in SharePoint

Setting up SharePoint can be done with minimal IT experience as it is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive. All you need to access Microsoft SharePoint is a compatible browser, such as Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox.  

To set up a Shared Contact List in SharePoint, a user will need to add a new contacts folder in their Outlook Client. After loading up SharePoint, they will need to navigate to the contact list and expand the ‘List’ tab in the ribbon and choose ‘Connect to Outlook.’ Users will need to allow the website to open a program on their computer and confirm ‘Yes’ when Outlook prompts: ‘Connect this SharePoint Contacts List to Outlook?’ The contacts list will appear under ‘Other Contacts’ in the People window of the Outlook client.  

To set up a shared calendar, a user will need to choose the Calendar they would like to edit from the quick launch pane within SharePoint. Then the user will need to select Calendar to view a hidden ribbon. After opening the ribbon, the user will find the option to email a link to others to share the Calendar. 

Syncing Contacts and Calendars with CiraHub

To sync SharePoint contacts or Calendars using CiraHub, a user needs to start a Hub & Spoke setup process by adding contact Spokes from multiple sources to a Hub using the respective credentials. Spokes can be different SharePoint sources or a SharePoint contact source and Public Folders, User Mailboxes, and CRM sources (Salesforce, Pipedrive, ActiveCampaign, HubSpot, or Procore).  

Then, the user will need to enable a two-way sync in CiraHub’s spoke settings and click ‘Sync Now’ to enable bi-directional sync. CiraHub will periodically update contacts in multiple sources, ensuring that the data stays consistent in all sources without duplicates. Users can add as many spokes as needed to include more contact sources or detach spokes to delete all data related to the detached spoke. Since contact updates are automatic, CiraHub eliminates the need for manual contact additions.