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GAL to GAL Sync Joint Venture

Primary Actor: Ernst-Braveheart Energies LLC

Secondary Actor: Kaneko Energy Plc

Clients’ Pain Point 

Ernst-Braveheart Energies LLC (EBE) and Kaneko Energy Plc. (KE) are major players in the oil and gas industry involved in hydrocarbon exploration efforts, including conventional drilling and fracking. Last quarter, the two companies finalized agreements to enter a joint venture to shore up crude production from a brownfield operating under an oil mining lease (OML) in Alaska. The JV hoped to consolidate the strengths of both companies by contributing human resources, equipment, and expertise to address the complexities of production in the area.  

Project teams for EBE and KE utilize Global Address Lists (GALs) for storing contacts of oil rig workers, subcontractors, vendors, and employees across various departments. EBE had a GAL containing about 15,000 contacts while KA’s GAL contained over 9,000 contacts. For efficient collaboration between teams from both companies, the JV needed a solution to pool contacts in a central repository and sync them between the companies several times a day.   

GAL to GAL Sync Joint Venture: CiraHub’s Solution 

An employee from KE discovered CiraHub, a two-way sync solution for contacts and calendars ideal for organizations using Microsoft 365, Microsoft Exchange, and G-suite. CiraHub merges data sources from multiple platforms ensuring that information stays consistent across devices and software. 

To perform GAL-to-GAL sync with CiraHub, each organization had to supply an Microsoft 365 Global Admin Account and a Dedicated Service Account. The KE employee logged in to CiraHub and started a Hub and Spoke set-up that allowed the user to create a Hub on CiraHub’s dashboard and attach individual contact “Spokes” for each organization under separate tenants using each company’s GAL admin account. The process allows for either credential-based or certificate-based authentication. The result was a two-way GAL to GAL contact sync between EBE and KE every few hours which allowed project teams in the JV to collaborate seamlessly.