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CRM Contact Sync Between Construction Companies in a Partnership 

Primary Actor: Apex Construction 

Secondary Actor: Zenith Construction 

Client’s Pain Point

Apex Construction (Apex) is a renowned construction company headquartered in Nevada that recently entered a partnership with Zenith Construction (Zenith), a smaller competitor based in Utah, to work on some Casino construction projects in Las Vegas. For effective and efficient collaboration between teams from both companies, they needed a sync solution to share contacts of employees, subcontractors, and vendors cross-organizationally. Employees in the field also collected thousands of Contacts each year.  

Project teams for Apex and Zenith utilize Procore, a construction management software for storing contacts and managing overall projects, resources, and financials from start to finish. At the time of the partnership, Apex had over 25,000 contacts while Zenith had a list quarter the size of Apex’s. Consequently, sorting, merging, and handling duplicate contacts posed a logistical nightmare for their teams. In fact, Mirren, Lead Project Manager at Zenith estimated that merging Contacts from separate tenants could take several hundred hours of labor to complete without accounting for future Contact additions daily. 

CiraHub’s Solution: CRM Contact Sync Between Construction Companies in a Partnership

An industry colleague introduces Mirren to CiraHub, a 2-way sync solution for Contacts and Calendars ideal for organizations using Microsoft 365, Microsoft Exchange, and G-suite. CiraHub is suitable for employees lacking IT expertise and helps avoid the arduous and repetitive task of manually updating contacts in individual CRMs, which can take up vast amounts of time and affect productivity. 

On CiraHub’s Dashboard, Mirren starts a Hub & Spoke Setup process. She selects “Contacts” and chooses “CRM” and “Procore” as the source type of the Contact spoke. Then, she logs in to Procore using her department’s Admin login details. Although CRMs are read-only and CiraHub allows a one-way sync, it allows users to keep two or more disparate structures in sync. To do this, she attached a Public Folder spoke that allowed users without access to view contacts updated to the Hub. Then, she uses CiraSync to distribute the CRM contacts to every employee’s smartphone. The result was a 2-way sync between the shared Public Folder and the Hub that reflected any new Contact additions to Procure every hour of the day.