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CRM Contact Sync Between Software and Engineering Companies in a Joint Venture

Primary Actor: DigiSoft Technologies 

Secondary Actor: AmeriTech, LLC  

Client’s Pain Point  

DigiSoft Communications is a multinational technology firm headquartered in California that produces software, consumer electronics, personal computers, and other electronics. AmeriTech is another multinational conglomerate involved in manufacturing electrical and electronic components as well as equipment for the healthcare industry. In the previous quarter, both companies partnered in a joint venture (JV). The aim of the JV was to predict and diagnose diseases and patients’ state of health using their electronic health records. It combined DigiSoft’s expertise in building large-scale data platforms and AmeriTech’s rich history in developing innovative healthcare solutions.  

At a meeting between employees from both companies, it was agreed that the JV required frequent exchange of Contacts to collaborate on various healthcare projects. AmeriTech used Salesforce CRM for storing contacts of existing customers, potential leads, suppliers, and vendors. All these Contacts needed to be kept separate but accessible, however, they lacked an automatic sync solution to make this a reality. Ben, the Engineering Team Lead at DigiSoft estimated that manual updates of CRM contacts between teams would result in hundreds of hours of lost productivity every quarter.  

CiraHub’s Solution: CRM Contact Sync Between Software and Engineering Companies

Ben discovers CiraHub, a 2-way automatic sync solution for Contacts and Calendars ideal for organizations using Microsoft 365, Microsoft Exchange, and G-suite. The software is ideal for employees lacking IT expertise and helps avoid the arduous and repetitive task of manually updating contacts in individual CRMs, which can take up vast amounts of time and affect productivity. 

On CiraHub’s Dashboard, Ben starts a Hub & Spoke Setup process. He selects the Contacts option and chooses Salesforce as the source type of the Contact spoke. Then, he logs into Salesforce using DigiSoft’s Engineering department’s Admin login details. Although CRM platforms are read-only and CiraHub allows a one-way sync with them, it still allows users to keep two or more disparate structures coordinated. To achieve this, he attached a Public Folder spoke that allowed users without traditional CRM access to view contacts updated to the Hub. Then, he uses CiraSync to distribute those CRM Contacts to every employee’s smartphone. The result was a 2-way sync solution that automatically updated Contacts every few hours throughout the day.