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Calendar Sync Between a School and Hospital Aids Diagnostic Healthcare Services 


Primary Actor: Todd Dulham High School (TDE) 

Secondary Actor: Whitesands Hospital (WH) 

Client’s Pain Point  

Todd Dulham High School provides Grades 9 to 12 education for students in Columbus, OH. TDE has recently partnered with Whitesands Hospital to provide diagnostic healthcare to students and teachers throughout the year. Due to the dynamic schedules of the school, it needed to sync its Calendar with WH to accurately plan for and coordinate meetings between the students and healthcare professionals. The school management typically organized virtual meetings or stayed connected with WH staff via messages, which was time-consuming and inefficient.  

At a meeting with school management, Head Teacher at TDE, Savannah Carlton, suggested looking into a two-way automatic Calendar sync solution to harmonize schedules between the school and WH. She noted that a 2-way calendar sync would avoid the need for regular meetings and save time and resources for staff liaising with WH regularly. The management approved and asked her to find a suitable solution.  

CiraHub’s Solution

A Google search recommends CiraHub to Savannah. CiraHub is a 2-way sync solution for Contacts and Calendars suitable for organizations using Microsoft 365, Microsoft Exchange, and G-suite. CiraHub is the ideal solution for employees lacking IT expertise. It helps avoid the time-intensive task of manually updating contacts between multiple sources, which can take up vast amounts of time and affect productivity. CiraHub can sync contacts and calendars in one tenant or between multiple tenants in a variety of configurations.  

On CiraHub’s Dashboard, Savannah starts up a Hub and Spoke Setup process. First, she clicks on “Calendars” and chooses “Microsoft 365 In my Tenant” and “Public Folder” as the source type of the Calendar spoke. The Public Folder she chose contained Calendars accessible by TDE educators and the school management so they can view or modify all upcoming events. She also added a new Calendar “spoke” to a Public Folder for WH. She then clicks “Allow hub to create and sync items in this spoke” for each Spoke using Sync Options on CiraHub to enable two-way Calendar sync between both organizations.  

The result was an automatic 2-way sync between the school and hospital that allowed them to plan diagnostic sessions more efficiently for students, noting both doctors’ and teachers’ schedules as well as “out of work” and public holidays. What’s more, Savannah could at any time attach more spokes to other Calendar sources in the same or separate tenants to add new collaborators.