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Contact Sync Between Food Companies in a Joint Venture 

Primary Actor: Rite Foods Ltd. 

Secondary Actor: Carruthers Ltd.  

Client’s Pain Point  

Rite Foods Ltd. is a leading producer of whole-grain cereals in the US. The Montana-based company recently entered a joint-venture (JV) partnership with Carruthers, a Hong-Kong based food processing and investment holding company. The strategic alliance between the two companies was intended to allow Rite Foods to leverage the extensive food distribution networks of Carruthers to ramp up sales of its products in several Asian countries while also boosting Carruthers’ bottom line. 

The JV had over 5000 contacts in total, including employees, sales reps, sales specialists, as well as vendors, and contractors serving markets in the US and Asia. Departments from both companies needed to collaborate regularly and share contact information. However, contact exchange between both organizations was a tedious and error-prone process requiring manual additions daily. Rite Food’s marketing team utilized SharePoint’s CRM capabilities for storing and managing contacts, while Carruthers utilized Salesforce for its CRM operations.  

Contact Sync Between Food Companies in a Joint Venture: CiraHub’s Solution 

An industry colleague recommended CiraHub to Jason. CiraHub is a 2-way sync solution for Contacts and Calendars suitable for organizations using Microsoft 365, Microsoft Exchange, and G-suite. CiraHub is the ideal solution for employees lacking IT expertise and helps avoid the time-intensive task of manually updating contacts between multiple sources, which can take up vast amounts of time and affect productivity. 

On CiraHub’s Dashboard, Jason starts up a Hub and Spoke Setup process. First, he clicks on “Contacts” and chooses “Microsoft 365 In my Tenant” and “SharePoint” as the source type of the Contact spoke. Then, he logs in to SharePoint as an Admin using his department’s login details. He then adds a new “spoke” to the Salesforce account of Carruthers containing the contacts from the other team. He then clicks “Allow hub to create and sync items in this spoke” for each Spoke using Sync Options to enable two-way sync between both CRMs and the Hub on the Dashboard. Finally, he uses CiraSync, another of CiraHub’s solutions, to sync contacts to Rite Food’s employees’ smartphones. The result was an automatic 2-way sync that updated any new Contact additions periodically throughout the day.