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Below, you’ll find a guide on how to perform a two-way Contact sync between ActiveCampaign and a Global Address List (GAL). This process will allow users to keep Contacts between these two sources in sync.

Steps for Syncing ActiveCampaign with a Global Address List:

1. Users will first need to log into the CiraHub Dashboard and select contacts as the object they want to sync. From there, they will need to select CRMs and ActiveCampaign as the source type for their contact spoke. This will prompt the user to enter their ActiveCampaign access URL and key, and from there the Hub & Spoke process can begin. For more information on how to link your ActiveCampaign account, and creating your hub, read more here.  

2. Users will then need to attach an additional spoke to add GAL contacts within their tenant or another tenant. The user will have the option to log in on behalf of their organization or CiraHub will send an invite to a user from another tenant for approval. If the user has login credentials of the other tenant, they may also log in on their behalf by clicking “GRANT ACCESS.” Then, on the Dashboard, they will need to configure sync settings for the ActiveCampaign and GAL Spoke they have created. This will enable two-way sync between the spokes and Hub. Note that users can attach additional spokes to multiple GALs as required. More info attach a Global Address List to an existing Hub can be found here

                                                                     CiraHub Features

Contact Filtering

Contact Filtering settings in CiraHub allow you to create and sync items in your spoke based on specific criteria.

Custom Field Mapping

CiraHub allows customers to customize, map, and synchronize their desired data.

CRM Contact Sync

With CiraHubs two-way or one-way automatic sync function, you can sync ActiveCampaign with a variety of other CRM applications.

Why Use CiraHub?

With CiraHub users can sync contacts between ActiveCampaign and the Global Address List (Gal). Organizations can sync data from the GAL to ActiveCampaign from ActiveCampaign to the GAL, or back-and-forth with CiraHub’s sync configurations. CiraHub keeps contacts in perfect sync between the Global Address List (GAL) and ActiveCampaign , so users wont have to manage contacts in two different locations. Down below you will find even more tutorials on how to two-way contact sync with different applications.  

CiraHub Two-Way Sync Guides