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Looking for a solution to two-way sync calendars between SharePoint and an Microsoft 365 User Mailbox? If so this article should help you! Even though it could appear challenging, synchronizing Outlook and SharePoint is much simpler than you might expect. You’ll be able to easily manage multiple calendars, complete all of your tasks and utilize many of SharePoint’s features by synchronizing the two through CiraHub. This article will outline how to Two-Way Sync Calendars between SharePoint and an Microsoft 365 User Mailbox. 

Two-Way Sync SharePoint and an Microsoft 365 User Mailbox Calendars

  1.  First Log in to CiraHub. You will be taken to the onboarding wizard. (See figure below.) Next, select the object you want to sync. In this example, the calendars object has been selected. Calendar and Contact Selection
  2. Select the source type of your calendar spoke. In this example we selected Microsoft 365 in my tenant. Then click “User Mailbox” option on the right column. User Mailbox Source Type Contact Spoke
  3. Select which “Mailbox Folder”  you want to sync.Select Mailbox
  4. Next type in a “Spoke Name” and click CREATE in order to two-way calendar sync User Mailboxes. 
  5. Type in a “Hub Name” and click CREATE.
  6. Next, select the source type of your calendar spoke. To two-way sync SharePoint to CiraHub, Click Microsoft 365 In my tenant and select SharePoint.7. Click Grant Access to give CiraHub Permission to browse your company users or contacts for SharePoint.Click Grant Access8. Sign into your Microsoft Account that is attached to SharePoint.9. Give CiraHub Access to your SharePoint account and always check the box that states “Consent on behalf of your organization”.Sharepoint Permissions10. Next, click on each Spoke, select Sync Options and click Allow Hub to create and sync items in this spoke and click SAVE. (See figure below.) 


    Depending on your organization’s needs, you can utilize a variety of additional sync options, such as private and tentative events, reminders, syncing meetings as appointments, and categorizing data in spokes. You can edit synchronization settings for each of your spokes using the options at the bottom of the page. 

    11. On the CiraHub Dashboard, click on the Hub, then click Sync Now to Two-Way Sync Calendars Between SharePoint and an Microsoft 365 User Mailbox.

    Learn More About CiraHub! 

    CiraHub is a two-way sync platform for shared contacts and calendars for Microsoft 365, Exchange Server, and other Microsoft Enterprise Applications users. The software is designed to make it easy for people lacking IT expertise to set up shared contact and calendar sync for their company.