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CiraHub allows users two-way sync functionality for Microsoft 365 shared calendars. This guide shows how to create a Calendar Hub in CiraHub.

To learn how to attach a Spoke to a Hub, check out Attaching a Spoke to a Hub.


  1. Log in to CiraHub.
    NOTE: If this is the first time you have logged in to CiraHub or have deleted all Hubs from CiraHub, you will see the CiraHub Onboarding Wizard instead.
  2. Click +Add Hub at the top of the dashboard. Choose the type of object you want to sync of the Hub Setup Wizard will appear.
    NOTE: CiraHub can also sync object types with different  data sources. For example, syncing the calendar events in the main calendars folder of your mailbox with a Public Folder Calendar. If you want to sync your calendar events to another data source, click +Add Spoke in the appropriate Hub.
    (See figure below.)
  3. Select Calendars. Select source type of your calendar Spoke of the wizard will appear.
  4. Select the source type of the Hub and Spoke. In this example, select User Mailbox.
  5. Click NEXT. Select Mailbox Folder you want to sync will appear. (See figure below.)
  6. Select the mailbox you wish to sync.
    NOTE: Ideally, this mailbox will be yours or a mailbox you have access to.
  7. Select the mailbox folder you wish to sync. In this example, select Calendar to sync contacts in the main Calendar folder.
    NOTE: Click the arrow next to the desired root mailbox folder to expand the folder. This will show all the subfolders within the mailbox folder.
    NOTE: Hover the mouse over Calendars and click the + to create a subfolder.
  8. Click NEXT. Type spoke names and click NEXT of the wizard will appear.
    NOTE: When creating a Hub, a Spoke is created for the mailbox source.
  9.  Name the Spoke.
  10. Click NEXT. Type Hub names and click CREATE of the wizard will appear.
  11. Name the hub.
  12. Click CREATE. You will return to the CiraHub dashboard. (See figure below.)
  13. Click the spoke that was just created on the diagram.
  14. Click Turn On under the Synced tile.
    NOTE: You can also click Turn On in the list at the bottom of the dashboard.
    The Spoke Sync Options will open. (See figure below.)
  15. Click Allow Hub to create and sync items in this spoke checkbox to enable two-way sync in the spoke. Calendar customization sync options will be enabled after clicking this checkbox.
  16. Customize the Calendar Spoke sync.
    NOTE: You can click the drop-down arrow in Advanced to access and set Advanced filters.
  17. Click SAVE.