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Organizations of any type and size can benefit tremendously from using CiraHub and CiraSync; Cloud-based sync solutions from CiraApps Limited. Both solutions provide easy-to-use, secure platforms for syncing contacts and calendar data between multiple sources or devices. If you’re curious about the differences between them, this article is for you!  

About CiraSync 

CiraSync provides centralized administration for syncing an unlimited number of contacts, shared calendars, and notes across any number of smartphones. Thousands of companies rely on CiraSync every day for contact and calendar automation with no on-premise software installation required, smartphone configuration, or user training needed. The platform offers sync functionality for a wide range of sources, including Public Folders, Global Address Lists (GALs), Calendars, and CRMs.  

About CiraHub 

CiraHub allows users to perform bi-directional contact sync in a variety of configurations. It also enables multi-way contact sync between three or more spokes in the same or separate tenants. CiraHub can sync contacts between multiple mailboxes, public folder contacts, Google contacts, GALs, and CRMs (e.g., Salesforce, ActiveCampaign, and HubSpot). 

Many-to-Many vs. One-to-Many 

CiraHub can be considered a “Many-to-Many sync solution” – it aggregates information from multiple sources and sync it to many other sources. For example, you can use CiraHub to 2-way sync 3-4 CRM sources to 3-4 other contact repositories. On the other hand, CiraSync is a “One-to-Many sync solution” – it takes data from a single source (such as a Global Address List (GAL), A Public Folder, a User Mailbox, etc., and syncs it to many users, e.g., Mailboxes. Another distinction is that while CiraHub offers a finite number of “spokes” which limits the number of sources users can sync to, CiraSync can sync to an unlimited number of recipients.  

Sync Tool vs. Distribution Tool 

Compared to CiraHub, CiraSync works as a distribution tool – you take a calendar or contact source and sync it to an unlimited number of users in the organization. For example, using CiraSync to sync GAL contacts to your User Mailbox means that the GAL is first synced to your personal contact list, which then gets updated on your smartphone. This allows a central administrator to distribute GAL contacts to as many employees as possible. On the other hand, CiraHub functions as a sync tool that allows multiple sources to be synced together.  

GAL Sync: CiraHub vs. CiraSync 

CiraHub provides a multi-way sync tool to automate and simplify your 2-way GAL sync within the same or multiple tenants. By syncing your GAL data with CiraHub, users from any tenant can see contact information in all other tenants, including email addresses and phone numbers. CiraSync also offers GAL sync – a one-way GAL sync to users’ smartphones. This avoids the need for on-premises infrastructure and provides consolidated data governance. CiraHub’s one-way GAL sync is particularly beneficial for companies that want their employees to have GAL contacts synced to their phones automatically. There is no limit to the number of devices that can be synced to a GAL using CiraHub.  

CRM Sync: CiraHub vs. CiraSync 

Both CiraHub and Cirasync offer CRM contact sync to ensure that every customer, lead, and prospect is reachable and identifiable. CiraHub offers a 2-way CRM sync whether within an organization or between multiple tenants while CiraSync offers CRM contact sync to smartphones, allowing users to have up-to-date contacts on the go. CiraHub is compatible with a wide range of popular CRM platforms, including Salesforce, ActiveCampaign, HubSpot, Pipedrive, and Procore. CiraSync allows Salesforce contacts to be automatically synced to smartphones.  

Calendar Sync: CiraHub vs. CiraSync 

CiraHub allows calendars to be two-way synced or merged from a variety of sources in many different combinations and between various tenants. Calendar sources CiraHub can sync include Microsoft 365 / Exchange Mailboxes and Public Folders, iCal, Google Calendars, etc. CiraSync provides a one-way calendar sync to every employee’s smartphone. Simply put, CiraSync allows you to share a central calendar with any number of users, while CiraHub keeps synced calendars in a 1:1 configuration with one another.