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With CiraHub, can sync data between between several applications in real time. The platform is designed for those without IT experience to be able to easily set up shared contact and calendar sync for their organization. Here are some tips on how to use CiraHub to improve the workflow within your organization. 

Improved Collaboration 

Employees can effectively collaborate with their colleagues in different departments or organizations by allowing them to consolidate and share contacts and calendars to use as a single resource. CiraHub jump-starts employee productivity by making multiple contacts or calendar accessible and manageable in the office or on the go. 

Save Time  

CiraHub is easy to set up and can save you a ton of time and effort by keeping all your data synchronized. Being able to quickly share important information between teams is one of the main benefits of contact synchronization. Everyone will immediately have access to the most recent information that has been collected by all departments. CiraHub saves you time by integrating all of your apps, allowing you to concentrate on your most important tasks. 

Sync Customer Data 

With CiraHub users can choose how specific consumer data will be synced between connected applications using CiraHub. A single admin can merge, edit, and sync multiple contact lists from different sources. Users can synchronize basic customer data (name, address, and phone number) to ensure that any changes made are immediately updated for all linked applications. CiraHub’s Multi-Way Contact Sync allows for the synchronization of numerous contact lists across different platforms, empowering users to better utilize and share contact information. This allows companies that have to manage several clients to maintain consistency between specific subscriber lists. For example with CiraHub, you could ensure that your organizations customer data is in real-time, two-way sync with your HubSpot account, giving your company access to accurate, consistent data.

SharePoint Two-Way Sync

With CiraHub users within your organization can sync your Microsoft SharePoint files with all of their favorite applications. SharePoint is a versatile tool that can help streamline your business and save you time and money on printing, faxing, and scanning services. A user can sync contacts from one SharePoint source to another, as well as Public Folders, User Mailboxes, and other CRMs. To sync SharePoint contacts or Calendars using CiraHub, a user needs to start a Hub & Spoke setup process by adding contact Spokes from multiple sources to a Hub using the respective credentials. Spokes can be different SharePoint sources or a SharePoint contact source and Public Folders, User Mailboxes, and CRM sources (SalesforcePipedriveActiveCampaignHubSpot, or Procore).  

Calendar Synchronization

CiraHub allows calendars to be two-way synced or merged from a variety of sources in many different combinations and between various tenants. A two-way Calendar sync or bi-directional Calendar sync is the process of syncing Calendars between two or more sources so that the data stays consistent. A multi-way calendar sync solution avoids the arduous and repetitive task of manually adding calendar events which can be a time sink and affect productivity. Syncing Calendars allows employees from multiple departments to collaborate in real-time, unifies project timelines and ensures timely completion of deliverables.

Manage Your Address Book 

 With CiraHub organizations can easily manage their address books and share contact information with other employees and potential clients. Multi-way sync allows easy management of contacts and calendars at your workstation. Users can Automatically sync unlimited number of shared contacts and calendars in Microsoft 365, on-Premise Exchange servers, and Public Folders. 

About CiraHub 

CiraHub is a multi-way sync platform for shared contacts and calendars for Microsoft 365, Exchange Server, and other Microsoft Enterprise Applications users. The software is designed to make it easy for people lacking IT expertise to set up shared contact and calendar sync for their company. CiraHub is registered with Microsoft Azure. It utilizes the Azure Consent Framework and will not store passwords.