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CRM Contact Sync Between Sales and Marketing Teams in an Organization 

Primary Actor: Helen, Head of Sales Team at OneBox 

Secondary Actor: Marketing Team at OneBox 

Client’s Pain Point  

OneBox is a SaaS company based in the California Bay Area. The company provides secure file-hosting services to increase organizations’ bandwidth by providing backup storage and encrypting user information. Helen, Sales Team Lead at OneBox manages her department’s HubSpot CRM. The CRM is used for day-to-day operations, including managing contacts of existing customers as well as new leads. As part of an upcoming campaign, OneBox’s Sales team needed to collaborate with the Marketing team on several projects. This would involve a frequent exchange of employee, customer, and vendor Contacts. Information from both teams needed to be kept separate but remain accessible to eliminate data silos throughout the duration of the campaign.  

As Sales professionals in the field gathered dozens of contacts in their CRM every week, the teams needed a Contact sync solution to avoid having to manually update Contacts, which was repetitive and consuming. Helen estimated her team could save up to 10 hours weekly using an automatic, 2-way Contact sync solution.  

CiraHub’s Solution: CRM Contact Sync Between Sales and Marketing Teams

An industry colleague introduces Helen to CiraHub, a 2-way sync solution for Contacts and Calendars ideal for organizations using Microsoft 365, Microsoft Exchange, and G-suite. CiraHub is ideal for employees lacking IT expertise and helps avoid the arduous and repetitive task of manually updating contacts in individual CRMs, which can take up vast amounts of time and affect productivity. 

On CiraHub’s Dashboard, Helen starts a Hub & Spoke Setup process. She selects the contacts option and chooses HubSpot as the source type of the Contact spoke. Then, she logs in to HubSpot using the Sales department’ Admin login details. Although CRMs are read-only and CiraHub allows a one-way sync with them, it still allows users to keep two or more disparate structures in sync. To do this, she attached a Public Folder spoke which allows users without access to view contacts updated to the Hub. Then, she uses CiraSync to distribute the CRM contacts to every employee’s smartphone. The result was a 2-way sync between the shared Public Folder and the Hub that reflected any changes from the Sales Team’s CRM every hour throughout the day.