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Primary Actor: Bryan, lead developer, and CEO at CoinDEX 

Secondary Actor: Digital marketing department at CryptoShoutBox (CSB)

Client’s Pain Point  

Bryan is the lead developer at CoinDEX, a cryptocurrency startup based in Miami that just raised a round of funding to scale operations across the United States. CoinDEX has a small team that mostly consists of developers and engineers. CoinDEX has recently contracted with the digital marketing agency, CryptoShoutBox to promote the company via Defi platforms. CSB plans to run marketing campaigns, perform reputation management, and engage influential crypto personalities and celebrities. At a meeting with CoinDEX and CSB employees, Bryan’s team realized that owing to the fast pace of the crypto space, both teams would need an automatic contact sync solution to share contacts and collaborate on the go. CoinDEX had a public folder that held over 350 contacts and CSB’s marketing department uses a shared public folder holding 65 contacts. These needed to be shared on-demand and updated in real-time between the two teams. However, both lacked the IT skills necessary to implement a solution.  

CiraHub’s Solution 

Bryan contacts CiraHub, a two-way sync solution for contacts and calendars ideal for organizations using Microsoft 365, Microsoft Exchange, and G-suite. The company has previously used CiraSync, CiraHub’s sister company, in the past to distribute contact lists to employees. 

On the CiraHub dashboard, Bryan starts a Hub & Spoke setup that allows him to create a hub and adds the CoinDEX public folder with the company’s contacts as the first spoke. He then attaches a second spoke to CSB’s public folder. This enables a two-way contact sync funnel between both companies‘ public folder databases. When changes are made in one repository, they’re at once reflected in the other. From there, Brian utilizes CiraSync to distribute those public folder contacts to every company smartphone. No longer does CSB need to manually share contact information, update notes, or send emails notifying CoinDEX’s team about changes; they’re automatically reflected in all employees‘ smartphones and outlook contact folders as soon as a change is made.