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Contact Sync Between an Executive Assistant and C-Level Executives

Primary Actor: Anita, Executive Assistant at Jet Move, LLC 

Secondary Actor: C-Level executives of Sales, Supply/Logistics, and Finance at Jet Move, LLC  

Client’s Pain Point  

Jet Move, LLC is one of the most prominent shipping and logistics companies in the United States. The company assists a wide variety of organizations in facilitating the movement of merchandise both within the country as well as internationally. Anita is an executive assistant at Jet Move assigned to five C-level executives in the Sales, Customer Service, Supply Chain, Logistics, and Finance business units where she helped to liaise with existing customers, schedule meetings, and facilitate travel arrangements. However, due to the dynamic schedules of the executives, she was frequently overwhelmed with keeping track of changes and manually updating information throughout the day. At the time, all five managers utilized separate mailboxes, holding over 1870 contacts in total. While Anita had access to these mailboxes, she needed to consolidate them into a centralized hub with 2-way sync capability and real-time updates. She estimated that a 2-way contact sync could help her save time and work more efficiently, without having to perform regular updates as contacts and appointments were added throughout the day.

CiraHub’s Solution:

A colleague from another organization introduces Anita to CiraHub, a two-way sync solution for contacts and calendars ideal for organizations using Microsoft 365, Microsoft Exchange, and G-suite. 

On the CiraHub dashboard, Anita starts a Hub & Spoke setup process that allows her to create a hub and set up an empty Mailbox sub-folder under „My Tenant“ as the first spoke. Since she does not have Microsoft 365 login details for the executives, CiraHub sends an email invite to everyone which is promptly accepted. Then, she attaches all five executives’ mailboxes to the Hub as other spokes. This creates a sync funnel that pools all the contacts and appointments from their mailboxes into the Hub and updates the empty mailbox folder she created. Then, she uses CiraSync to distribute those mailbox contacts to every team member’s smartphone. The result was automatic contact sync every hour throughout the day, with any changes being reflected in real-time.