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Below you’ll find a guide on how to two-way sync Google and Pipedrive contacts. This process will allow users to keep contacts between multiple sources in constant sync.

Steps for Syncing Google and Pipedrive Contacts:

1. Users will first need to log into the Cirahub Dashboard and select contacts as the object they want to sync. From there, they will need to select Google as the source type for their first contact spoke. CiraHub will prompt the user to enter their Google account details or sign in using existing credentials, and from there the Hub & Spoke process can begin. For more information about linking your Google account and creating a Hub, check out this article.

2. Users will then need to add an additional spoke that will contain the Pipedrive contacts they want to sync. They will then need to select contacts as the object to sync, Pipedrive as the source type for that contact spoke, and sign into their Pipedrive account in the same or different tenant. After that, the user will have the option to configure the sync settings for each spoke to enable a two-way sync. More information on attaching a Pipedrive spoke to an existing Hub can be found here. 


                                                                     CiraHub Features

Contact Filtering

Contact Filtering settings in CiraHub allow you to create and sync items in your spoke based on specific criteria.

Custom Field Mapping

CiraHub allows customers to customize, map, and synchronize their desired data.

CRM Contact Sync

With CiraHubs two-way or one-way automatic sync function, you can sync ActiveCampaign with a variety of other CRM applications.

Why Use CiraHub?

CiraHub makes it easy for anyone to two-way sync Google and Pipedrive contacts. Google Contacts is a ubiquitous feature across several industry verticals. Pipedrive is a Sales CRM and pipeline management software with capabilities for storing and managing contacts. CiraHub’s two-way sync functionality allows users from various departments within organizations to collaborate on the go without having to perform manual contact additions or updates. With CiraHub users also gain access to customizable contact filtering settings which can them sync specific contacts between two or more sources. Below are some additional two-way sync guides by CiraHub.